Although they are expensive, high-tech and sophisticated, not all smart door locks are efficient and safe and some of them can really cause you troubles with their malfunctioning. To save you the unpleasantness of buying a smart door lock that will not yield as expected, we did some research on this matter. We found the website to be very useful on our research as it helped us compare the best smart locks of the moment and narrow down our choices to the top 3 best locks.  Take a look at out top of the best smart door locks and choose the one which sounds most convenient to you!

August Smart Door Lock

Without a doubt, the August smart locks are the top choice for any home thanks to their versatility and ease of use. These devices can adapt to most types of doors and can be operated using a Bluetooth connection that connects to your smartphone. As soon as you approach the door, the smart lock will detect your smartphone and will let you get inside the house. It also works with a key in case your phone runs out of battery so you won’t have to worry about being left outside. However, it won’t open if you are passing by it inside the house. The latest model features voice commands so you will be able to open and close the door by talking to your phone. Although it’s the most expensive option, the high level of safety it provides makes the investment worth it.

Yale Keyless Connected Smart Lock

Besides the popularity the manufacturer enjoys, there are other aspects that guarantee the efficiency of this smart door lock in keeping your home safe. First of all, it can be operate using your smartphone and it comes with an app so yo won’t have to carry around keys. But what it’s really impressive is the fact that you can operate it in two more ways. This smart lock comes with key fobs that you can use to unlock the door and it also offers the option to insert a pin code if you don’t want to use the fob.

Schlage Sense Smart Lock

If you want simplicity in installing and using your smart lock without compromising on security, this device is what you need. It can be operated using an iPhone that allows you to insert an entrance code and it also comes with a keyhole tat allows you to open the door as you like. Plus, it includes voice commands and sensors that announce you anytime someone tries to break into your house. If one family member forgets their key, they can call you and you can open the lock from a distance using your phone.

Best Smart Door Locks for a Safer Home
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