Any woman loves to have a vanity table in their bedroom or bathroom so they can have all their beauty products within reach and in perfect order. However, the large amounts of makeup products, accessories, styling devices, and other trinkets turn the vanity table into a not-so-organized area. Luckily for you, you can use the following clever organizing ideas to keep your vanity table clean and neat.

Glass jar containers

A great way to organize your vanity table while recycling is to use some glass jars and a wood plank to create a smart storage space where you can keep your cotton buds and disks, as well as other small items like brushes or hair pins. Fix a wood plank onto the wall using some screws and attach glass jars to the plank using round brackets so you can have easy access to the inside of the jars. If you are not good at handcrafting, simply paint some glass jars in nice colors and arrange them on a shelf so you won’t have to buy new storage containers for your makeup products.

Wall shelves

Capitalize every space you have using wall shelves to keep your smaller beauty products such as nail polish or perfumes. But instead of drilling many holes into your walls, which would not look nice, build a multiple shelves system using some rope and several wood planks. Drill holes into the planks and run the rope through every hole so the planks will sit one on top of the other. Avoid the planks from sliding down the rope by making a knot under each plank. Finally, attach a hook to the wall and hang the shelves system from the hook near your vanity table.

Wine rack for your flat irons

If you have an extra wine rack at home and you are not sure what to do with it, you can turn it into a stylish rack for your hair styling devices like flat irons, curlers, and blow drier. An elegant rack made of rough iron or one with interesting decorations will make a great storage rack for your vanity table and the best part is that you can also put it on the ground if your table is not large enough. Keep a power source near the rack and you will always have your hair styling devices ready to use.

Drawer dividers

Instead of just throwing your makeup products into a drawer, use drawer dividers that keep everything in place. These make great organizing hacks that help you avoid messy drawers and make sure you always find what you are looking for. But instead of spending money on the dividers, make your own using some pieces of wood that match the size of your drawers. Arrange them as you like so you can create the exact number of compartments that you need and rearrange them according to your storage needs.

Clever Ideas for a Perfectly Organized Vanity Table