For a person to look perfect, the clothes that he is wearing have to look perfect as well. If you go out wearing clothes that are stained, wrinkled, or that smell bad, your appearance will have to suffer as well. Therefore, in case you want to have the perfect wardrobe at all times, read the following lines to learn which are the essential appliances that you need.

LG Mega Capacity WT5680HVA washing machine

To clean your dirty clothes and to remove the unpleasant odors that linger on them, you have to rely on a good washing machine. The best model on the market to go with is the LG Mega Capacity WT5680HVA that you can purchase for the price of $1100. This top-loader uses less water than traditional models in order to clean your laundry. In addition, it uses less energy, meaning that it’s a very cost effective option to go with. The Energy Star label that it comes with is proof that this unit is energy efficient. It has a generous capacity of 5 cubic feet. It offers 14 wash cycles and 14 additional wash options for you to choose from. To ensure that the washing machine is clean and that bacteria and soap scum isn’t lying in its interior, you can use the “Clean Washer” function. By choosing this option, you allow the machine to clean itself in order to be sure that it’s sanitary to put your clothes in it. The vibration technology of this model guarantees that it won’t be loud while operating. Also, it comes with the useful child-lock feature that ensures the small ones won’t be in any danger because the unit will be inaccessible for them.

Samsung DV457EVGS dryer

After you finish washing your clothes, you have to find a way to dry them. Air drying the laundry is an ineffective, time-consuming, and irresponsible method to go with. While the clothes air-dry, bacteria and other contaminants might actually stick to them. Therefore, the best thing to so is to go with a dryer for this task. For the price of $1300, you can purchase the Samsung DV457EVGS dryer. This model allows you to monitor and control the unit’s settings remotely with the help of your smartphone. This means that you can stop, start, and pause the dryer when you’re at work, or when you’re simply away from home, ensuring that once you arrive the cycle is finished. The 8-inch LCD screen makes it easy for you to use the dryer. It has a generous 7.5-feet capacity. It offers 5 drying temperatures for you to choose from. The 14 cycles offered by the dryer ensure that it will perform any function that you will need. In addition, it’s certified by Energy Star for being energy efficient due to the fact that it uses about 36% less energy to run than other comparable models on the market.

The Shark Press and Refresh clothes steamer

It’s not enough to wash your clothes to remove the stains that lay on them. For you to have the perfect wardrobe, it must be free of wrinkles as well. For less than $70, you can buy the Shark Press and Refresh clothes steamer to help you do this. Due to the fact that it’s a clothes steamer, you can use it to de-wrinkle even the delicates. This is one of the most popular steamers of the moment but is shark press and refresh the best steamer? Well it all depends on your needs.

As a handheld steamer, the Shark Press has a rather small water reservoir, compared to a standing floor steamer. This means if you plan on using it on a lot of clothes at once, you might have to refill it a couple of times. On the other hand, it does have a lot of other advantages that other steamers don’t have. The built-in garment hanger with garment clips and the hanger hook of this clothes steamer hold the clothes in place while you remove the wrinkles off of them. Moreover, it has the great wrinkle eraser surface that eliminates even stubborn wrinkles without any effort. So,  is shark press and refresh the best steamer? It sure is, and it is also the easiest steamer to use.

Essential Appliances for a Perfect Wardrobe
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