Making the decision to begin working with custom adhesives can be extremely beneficial in a wide variety of business areas. Particularly for those involved in manufacturing, moving away from manual fixings in favour of effective and innovative adhesive products can bring in-tow multiple advantages. From speed and efficiency on the production line to overall operational costs for simplicity to health and safety and so much more besides, the very best custom adhesive products available really can make an enormous difference.

But at the same time, this is only true in instances where the procurement process is handled and proactively and thoughtfully. With thousands of different types of adhesive products available and the capacity to have your own perfect products created from scratch, it is not uncommon for certain important considerations to be overlooked along the way.

So with this in mind, the following tips are offered specifically for those who may be considering ordering custom adhesive products in the near future and would prefer to avoid mistakes along the way:

1. Not Dealing Direct

First of all, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when looking to buy these kinds of products is that of failing to deal directly with the supplier. Whether it’s optically clear tape suppliers, 3M tape converters or industrial adhesive manufacturers of any kind, dealing director is the best and the only way to go.  The reason being that when you deal directly with the business in question, you gain direct access to the very best customer support and consultancy services available, the lowest possible prices on all products across the board, the fastest order fulfilment times and many other advantages besides.  It simply does not make sense to order through a middleman, when all this means is paying a higher price and denying yourself access to superior customer service.

2. Lack of Precision

The beauty of ordering custom adhesive products is the way in which you are able to be as precise as necessary when it comes to its primary properties.  This includes things like how strong the bond needs to be, how quickly it needs to set in place, how easily or otherwise it can be removed, the materials it is compatible with and so on. The more precise you are, the better the adhesive will be for the job for which it is required.  By contrast, any lack of precision can result in an adhesive being supplied that isn’t particularly capable.

3. Health and Safety

Health and safety should also be brought into consideration.  More specifically, in terms of how, wear and by whom the custom adhesive products are to be used.  In some instances for example, certain adhesive products may be unsuitable for use if there are extreme temperatures or naked flames in the vicinity. Likewise, certain adhesives give off the kind of vapour that means they must be used only in extremely well ventilated areas. Once again therefore, you need to be as specific as possible when it comes to considering the required properties of your custom adhesive products.

4. Not Requesting Samples

The only realistic way of finding out for sure whether the adhesive products you have in mind will be suitable for the job in question is to actually try them out.  As such, it simply makes sense to first octane samples of the products you intend to purchase, in order to put them to the test before ordering more.  This is usually something that will not be a problem when dealing directly with the leading supplier, though is absolutely essential if you intend to order any kinds of adhesive products in large quantities.

5. Not Thinking Bigger

Last but not least, when going about the purchase process of custom adhesive products for any purpose, is more than worth considering if there are any other areas where they could be put to use. These days, largely anything that has traditionally relied on mechanical fixings or welding for the purposes of joining two materials together could potentially be improved with the right industrial adhesive. So if you take a moment to think about exactly where and how advanced adhesives could be put to use for the better, you may be surprised just how many ideas you come up with.


Five Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Custom Adhesives