When looking for a performance car, Ford Mustang is one of the best options you can think of. You can find such cars at a convenient price level, especially if you decide to buy used Ford Mustang from Edmunds. Buying a car that’s not new requires specific things to follow and certain things to avoid. The most important factor is to know enough about the specs of the car you are buying. This being said, here’s a list with some feature you might want to know about:


Talking about performance for a car such a Ford Mustang means lots of power and a great mix of efficiency and design. A Ford Mustang usually comes with several types of driving modes:

  • Normal mode
  • Sport Plus mode
  • Track mode
  • Snow/Wet
  • Eco-boost

Choosing one of the aforementioned modes will allow you to adjust the car’s throttle, the steering and its stability control settings. The steering also has three separate levels of resistance which make a difference when it comes to feedback to the user. The Ford Mustang has the capability to change direction quick, because of its sensitive power delivery. The 5.0l V8 version is a silent, but extremely strong car.


Buying a Ford Mustang will mean you’ll turn all the heads on the street. The exterior looks of this car are mesmerising and it represents eye-candy for any customer who thinks of buying it. Once you see the way this car looks, you will surely get addicted. This model is big and bold, a muscular car both in design and power. The inside design combines both modern with retro touches. The Mustang logo will instantly catch your attention, being placed on the steering will with silver nuances. Ford Mustang rocks a great design combined with amazing performance.

Comfort and space

The four-sit coupe version of the Ford Mustang means a sporty look. But the question is – what about space and comfort? This car is almost as spacious as a Mondeo, which is pretty big. Access to boot room is a bit tricky, but once you are in the car you can get comfortable by adjusting the seats. When buying such a powerful, eye-pleasing car you will forget about how much space is in the back. Regarding the driver, he’ll feel more comfortable than ever, having all the features needed at his own will.

Ford Mustang – what to look for and what to avoid