If you have toddlers, chances are you’re constantly going to be overwhelmed by toys. Ironically, you brought this on yourself. Because funny enough it starts harmlessly.

You want your kids to be happy.

So you start collecting a ton of stuff for your babies even before they’re born. Soon after, they become the collectors themselves.

Then you have to get them things suitable to entertain kids their age. Then they get bored easily, and you have to update their toy caches. That usually means getting more toys. And more toys. Until one day, everywhere you turn, there is a toy left lying carelessly. Then suddenly you have this equally overwhelming urge to throw all of them away…

But you can’t.

Because it’ll probably break your kids to see you’re the one taking away their source of laughter. No matter how many toys kids have, they’re pretty possessive.

The thing is, kids don’t exactly know how to handle choice, so if you bombard them with playthings, they’ll often end up playing with none of them. Instead of actively playing with their toys, they start expecting their toys to amuse them. Such excitement is usually short-lived. Then it’s back to square one: the toy box, or more frustratingly, the floor.

The obvious reason you’re here is that you’re looking for a way to get rid of surplus toys without or with at least minimal drama and guilt tripping. If you follow these following tips, you’re sure to achieve this. The family will benefit from getting rid of the clutter, especially in the long haul.

The key to getting your kids to give up their playthings is showing them by example that letting go is not so hard. Let them watch you give away your belongings.

Then learn to buy fewer toys

Of course, if you hadn’t bought so many toys, you wouldn’t have a toy problem in the first place. Discipline yourself not to go overboard during the holidays. Draft a gift list and stick to it. Don’t just shop on the fly. You’ll only end up getting more toys than your kids need, hence, clutter.

Then toss extras out.

It’s the hard part, but you’re going to have to actually get rid of some toys to get rid of your toy problem.

Sort out and box up any toys that your kids have outgrown. If a particular toy is no longer of any developmental value to your child, then it’s time to let go. It is important to make them feel important in the decision making.  Ask them which are their favorite toys, and they’ll oblige. It will surprise you how easy sorting through things together is.

For toys they’ve outgrown and will miss, keep the memories. You can do this by taking a picture of the toy, print it, frame it and hang it in the room.  Each time the child sees it in future, there will be no hard feelings. Looking for storage units near you to shack them is also a great idea. Storage spaces are awesome because you can always store other stuff and retrieve them later.


Help Your Children Get Rid of Toys They Never Use