You are going to have a baby soon and responsibilities seems to pile up? You can keep everything organized by simply making lists with everything you need to buy. Following a strict schedule and respecting rules for storing the items that are related to childcare will keep you away from stress. Start with the very basics and purchase what you need when you need it instead of making investments beforehand. Children grow up very quickly and you’ll see that many of the clothes you buy won’t even be used and you will end up selling them as new. Even though it might seem overwhelming now, you’ll see that shopping for your precious one will become routine. This article should give you a main idea on what to buy and how to store the items that are left behind to save some space at home. Here are the tips:

Basic items

The first things that you need to buy have to do with basics. A newborn won’t be in need of too many clothes. You should invest in onesies or rompers for each day of the week. These shouldn’t be very expensive as they will get stained a lot. Look for quality materials, simple onesies and store them away as soon as they are too little to wear. Look for storage units near me on the Internet to avoid overcrowding your storage space at home. Babies grow really quickly and you will have to switch the sizes pretty often. Since you’ll be quite busy during the first year of your child, you can store the clothes away and sell the ones that are in good conditions when you have more free time. 

Layers and seasons

Besides basics, you will have to plan buying clothes for your baby depending on the season that’s approaching. For winter, add layers for keeping your little one extra warm. Start by buying one or two winter coats, slippers and shoes for indoor and outdoor purposes, quick change socks, sweaters and fleece/cotton pants. When the season is over, take these items to your storage unit and rotate them with the summer clothes.

For summer, make sure you own at least 2 sun hats that fit perfectly. You will have to keep your child’s skin away from the sun, since sunscreen is not enough for protecting your little one. Use muslin blankets or light cotton blankets to drape it over your baby’s stroller. This way, you’ll offer your child safety and shade during hot summers.

Special circumstances

There are several items that you will have to buy when special events occur. For instance, you should invest in one or two dress-up outfits in case you want to take some family pictures or attend an event with your little ones. Until your baby is getting rid of diapers, avoid buying slim-fit clothes. Think about laundry as well – if you encounter issues with laundry and you want to reduce it, invest in items such as bibs to avoid good clothes getting stained.

How many baby clothes do you need and how to store them properly