Moving to a new house is often exciting but it can also be challenging because there are so many ideas to decorate it that choosing something suitable for your style is not so easy. If you are not a fan of traditional styles, there are many innovative ideas that could inspire you in choosing to decorate it in a nonconformist way.

Art prints are getting more and more popular

Some years ago, it was very popular to hang on walls paintings that represented flowers, portraits or landscapes. Nowadays, art prints gain more and more popularity, due to their innovative and creative style. They are great elements that could decorate your living room, bedroom and hallways. You can buy art prints available in different styles and colors. They are original and suitable for the people who love modernist style. Artists like Anna Marrow, Delphine LeBourgeois or Jessie Breakwell create artistic art prints that express creativity, boldness and novelty.

Make a special place just for relaxation

Every house needs a corner where its occupiers can relax, listen to music or read. This can be the area where you recharge your batteries after a long day. A good idea is to delimit the area with curtains or fluid fabrics that hang from the ceiling. It is recommended to use a floor lamp that reflects warm light. You can place a sofa and a couple of armchairs, or, if the space is limited, use poufs and ottomans instead. Use colors like white, beige, light grey or pale yellow that visually maximize the zone.

Do not hesitate to be bold

Your furniture does not necessary have to be in the same style or color. An innovative idea would be to mix different types of furniture. They do not have to be completely matched. For example, you can combine traditional pieces of furniture with modern or vintage ones. A tip to make your bedroom express creativity is to put different nightstands on each side of your bed. In is interesting and you will surely not get bored of the same style. Also, do not be afraid to use plenty of color. Whether you paint your walls in bright colors, or use ruddy furniture, the results will be amazing.

Opt for industrial design

Industrial designs are getting more and more popular, due to their unconventional rules and mixed styles. The style is characterized by industrial modern elements mixed with traditional, rustic, vintage or mid-century ones. The furniture should be bold, made of leather or wood. Mix rustic colors like brown, beige or dusty orange with black, silver or dark blue. Even if you do not want your whole house to be in the industrial style, you can just use some elements, like metal lamps or wood tables that will surely have a great impact on the design.

It is important to decorate your house in a representative style. You can use all the ideas above mentioned in order to express yourself through imagination and originality.

Innovative decorating ideas for your house