People underestimate the power their house has over their feelings and health state. Some of them are surprised to find out that their house is the one that makes them feel anxious. Suffering from a mental disorder is quite overwhelming, because the outside world is enhancing your anxiety symptoms. There are times when the persons who are experiencing depression refuse to leave their house, because it is the space where they feel safe and secure. But, what can you do when you do not feel comfortable at home, but you can’t leave it, because you know how exhausting the outdoors can be. You do not have control over the outdoor factors that impact your mental health, but when it comes to your house, you can control some aspects to make it feel comfortable, especially when you feel anxious.

Your house is cluttered and disorganised

Studies show that many persons feel anxious because their houses are cluttered and disorganised. Actually, this aspect causes them anxiety the same level unexpected expenses do. Why is this happening? Clutter has the power to make your cortisol level spike and having a messy house enhances the symptoms of depression and anxiety. Depression among teens is quite common nowadays, and specialists consider that the clutter from their rooms has a direct connection with this disorder.

You and your partner do not split chores evenly

Around 80% of women are suffering from anxiety related to their house, and the main factor is that they are spending more time than their partners are, in handling house chores. In 4 from 10 families the woman is the only one who handles house chores, therefore, it is understandable why they are dealing with negative feelings, and even with depression, many times.

Your kitchen is filled with processed foods

You may be surprised to find out that nutrition has an important role in dealing with mental health. Eating is not considered a cause for anxiety, but it is one of the factors that exacerbate the symptoms. Aliments like excess sugar, coffee and fried food make people feel fatigued and jittery. Sometimes these foods make people have a foggy brain and their anxiety only gets worse in these conditions.

How can you prevent feeling anxious because of your house?

Your mental health is connected with the environment you are living in, and interior design elements can influence your feelings and mood. It is important for you to perceive your house as being a calming and relaxing environment, so make sure to transform it in such a way to see it as your peaceful oasis.

One of the most effective solutions to fight anxiety is to exercise, so you should transform your house into a place that motivates you to be active. Allow natural light to enter the house, and transform one of the rooms into a gym. Do no use the basement as your gym; use one of the rooms that have windows, because natural light is considered incredibly inspirational.

Add plants and greenery, because they will fill your house with freshness and happiness. Nowadays, you have the opportunity to transform one of your interior walls into your own garden. Plants improve people’s mood and reduce stress levels dramatically, this is why they are part of every depression treatment.

Is your house giving you anxiety?