There are more than one air cooling devices designed for indoor use and each offers better or worse results, depending on the technology they use. Since some are more efficient than the others, we thought we would give you a hand in choosing the best device for your home so we have selected some of the most efficient room cooling devices that can offer you great results

The air conditioner

Perhaps the most popular of all room cooling devices, the air conditioner offers great performance in lowering the indoor temperatures even in the hottest summer days. It consists of a unit based on a refrigerant agent that creates cold air that is then released into the room. It is very powerful and manages to cool even the largest rooms but the biggest disadvantage is the high energy consumption that results in high electricity costs.

The tower fan

If you are looking for an efficient air cooling device, the tower fan must be on your checklist because it can really help you keep your home cool while also keeping the energy consumption low. The smart design enables this device to spread the cold air wider than other types of fans, which increases its efficiency. Moreover, this type of fan has an oscillating feature that rotates the tower around its own axis so the air is spread even wider. You can program the tower fan to work for a certain amount of time before it will turn off automatically so the unit will only work until necessary. If you don’t know much about these units and it seems hard to decide which is the best tower fan, you can find quality tower fan information at about the top rated tower fans that boast the latest features and offer the highest comfort in use.

Evaporative coolers

These devices are great for dry and hot areas as they manage to lower indoor temperatures by as much as 30 degrees using outside dry air. They work using an innovative technology that pulls fresh outside air and runs it through moist pads that cool the air by evaporation. Once the air is cooled, it is circulated throughout the entire house so the temperatures will be lowered to a more comfortable level. While not very popular, some homeowners have discovered the efficiency of these room cooling devices and they are pleased with the results.

The ceiling fan

You can get great air cooling performance by installing a ceiling fan that circulates the air starting from the top of the room. The number of blades vary from one model to another and can reach up to 6 so the efficiency is increased to the maximum. Thanks to the large blades, the air is circulated so the temperatures decrease without the need to use additional energy to create cool air.

Most Efficient Room Cooling Devices
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