You have had your head in the books in the last year and you got the needed grades to get into university, so now you can take a step back, and enjoy the student life. But what other better way of doing this can be, than living in a student accommodation, together with other people who have the same schedule and passions as you do. Now, you have the possibility to move out from your parents’ home and be independent. Generally speaking, a room in a student accommodation Newcastle is not very big, and you have to thoroughly consider all the things you are bringing with you, because you do not want to stay in a cluttered space. Therefore, before leaving home you have to check what you have already in the accommodation space you are renting, because you would not have to bring things like desk lamps, bins and other similar things.

How should you choose the student accommodation facility?

Before making a list with the things you have to take with you, you should think thoroughly what aspects are important for you, when renting a place. So, the first one you should consider is the price, because you do not have the needed funds to pay it by your own, so you would have to ask your parents’ help or to have a roommate. Choose a place that is affordable for you, because you are a student after all, and you do not need to stay in a luxurious room. Comfort should be the key aspect when opting for a certain facility. Depending on the location of the university, and other key places from the region, you have to also consider the transport links.

Essentials to bring with you

Here is the part where we are helping you understand what you would bring with you. So, you should add in your luggage stuff for your bed, which means a few bed sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers. In case you want to feel more like home, you can also bring some additional blankets and pillows. Do no forget to bring some hangers and the basic cleaning products, because you would have to clean the place immediately after installing in your room. When it comes to the bathroom, you should take your everyday things as soap, shower gel, conditioner, shampoo, moisture, toothpaste and a first aid kit.

Moving into a student accommodation – what should you know?