If you are new to gardening, then you may have been advised to create your garden as a space that allows not only plants to grow, but also birds and insects to stay around. They have a crucial role in keeping your garden productive, because birds pick off caterpillars from plants and trees, and insects as bees help your flowers stay a long period bloomed. But not all birds are beneficial for your garden, because some of them can bring permanent damage to your plants. You may know how to get rid of rodents and insects, but it is quite difficult to get rid of the birds that cause damage to your garden.

How can birds damage your garden?

Pigeons are some of the most dangerous birds for gardens, because their droppings are dangerous to plants. Also, they may ripen your plants and trees from fruits and they can spread different health issues. People have the misconception that only rodents can spread health issues, but birds also are known to spread diseases as Salmonella, and West Nile virus. Their droppings are not a risk only for your plants and trees, but also for your vehicles, and front alleys, because they can stain them. Pigeons are also dangerous to birds that help your garden stay healthy, because they can kill harmless birds as woodpeckers, purple martins and bluebirds. If you have these bully birds present in your garden, then it is the time to call pest control in Forest Gate professionals to help you.

How can you get rid of the birds that threaten your garden?

It is advisable to allow professionals to help you deal with pigeons’ infestation, because controlling them is not easy. They will know what scare tactics they should use in order to keep them away from your garden. Your purpose should be to make the birds seek shelter other place. A company specialised in Pest Control in East London will know what scare tactics they should use according to the type of birds and their number. Some tactics include using audio recordings of predators, pyrotechnics and even of birds in distress.

Until you contact professionals you should destroy all the birds’ nests you see. In case you think that birds may hide into the holes of your house, you should check them to make sure they are not there, and cover them with clothes. It is not advisable to use sticky barriers because they will threaten all the birds from your garden.

What other dangers do pigeons have for your property?

When it comes to pigeons they come in large groups and this means that large amounts of droppings will be spread over your roof and other parts of your property. In case the droppings accumulate in your roof then there is the risk to damage it and even lead to collapse. Keep in mind that not only the weight of the pigeons is a danger to your roof, but also the fact that it is acidic. If there are droppings present on your car or other wood or metal belongings make sure to clean it, because it can damage their surfaces.



Pigeons and gardens – how are birds a danger to your home