A baby is a blessing for any family, this is for sure. When the moment to tell your family and friends about the sex of the baby comes, you want to make it special and unforgettable, so you decide to throw a baby shower party. Well, one of the things you have to consider is that in case the party is held sometime in the summer, you should look for some party tent hire South London services. Here are some of the details that could make your party stand out from the crowd.

Organize the party in a marquee

You probably wonder why you should organize the baby shower party in a marquee. Well, the answer is simple – you do not have to engage in general cleaning once the party is over as it would happen in the event that you organize the party indoors. You hire a tent, install it in the backyard and have it removed when everything is over. What is more, the marquee is the perfect choice regardless the time of the year, since you can opt for flooring installation services when signing the contract with the tent hire company and even for a heating system.

Colours … lots of colours!

It’s a baby shower party after all, so having colourful decorations spread all over the place is mandatory in order to make the atmosphere more entertaining. Opt for balloons, paper decorations, confetti and anything else you may think of using as decorations and bring that marquee up to life.

DJ, don’t stop the music!

There is no party without music, right? You should spend some time and create a playlist for the baby shower party, with songs from all possible genres of music in order to ensure you are going to please everyone invited at the event and make them feel comfortable.

The essential element – the sweets

Even though you may not have a birthday cake, since there is no one’s birthday, this does not mean that you cannot have some sweets to delight your guests with. Macaroons, mini-tarts and other sorts of sweets will definitely make the evening more pleasant. Have them ordered at a local confectionery.

All in all, you should keep in mind that details do make the difference in everything, whether it is about a party or about anything else. If you want your family and friends to remember your baby shower party, you should focus on bringing that unique element to it.

Planning a baby shower party – details that make the difference