Selling a house is not an easy process, and those who did it before will tell you the same. Sometimes, you have to invest a little in your property before selling it, and a structural assessment will help you identify those areas that you will have to improve. After all, homebuyers also hire similar services before purchasing a property. Below is a list of some of the most frequent structural issues that home survey teams find in properties.

Structural movement

This may be one of the most concerning faults of a property. This type of issue usually results in damaged walls and faulty systems, including plumbing and HVAC. The whole property collapsing on the inhabitants is a realistic prospect in this fault’s case. Similar issues on your property might completely compromise your home sale chances, but it’s always better to be aware of this issue in advance. Alternatively, small cracks in your walls are not a major concern. But it’s always better to hire a full property survey. You will be surprised to find out that the full structural survey cost is an accessible one, too.

If similar issues are highlighted in the report, discuss immediately with a structural expert. These engineers will make pertinent recommendations on what further steps you can take to fix the problem.


Dampness is an incredibly common issue that most houses have. This issue varies in intensity from property to property, but it can be easily fixed. A structural survey will highlight the main causes of your dampness issues and will offer you more information on how could this problem be easily fixed. Sometimes, leaking pipes are the cause, but most frequently, the climate of the area is the major guilty element.

Electrical issues

All homeowners are familiar with these issues, but such problems present at the moment of a house sale will significantly lower the price on your property. An experienced survey team will be able to efficiently identify such issues if there is the case and you can always have an electrician to fix those. These assessments are recommended even if you don’t plan to sell your property. Electrical issues are a major hazard present in homes from all around the world and they can lead to fires and life losses.

Roof concerns

A damaged roof might lower the selling point of your property significantly. If you haven’t replaced your roof in several years, expect similar structural problems. These problems can vary in severity and type. From unstable tiles to blocked gutters and completely unstable roof, a home survey team will successfully pinpoint your roof’s issues. After you have a full report on your roof with major concerns highlighted, hire a roof repair team to take care of yours.

These are some of the most frequent structural concerns usually identified by home survey agencies. If you want to fix these issues for your family’s safety of in the prospect of a home sale, make sure to find a reliable and professional team in your area.

Property Surveys – Which Are the Most Common Structural Faults?