The shabby chic is very popular in interior design. This style mixes antique elements with pastel colors and feminine floral patterns. This style will inspire you with some French features. This style will give you the opportunity to create vintage items or to recycle the old ones.

The furniture

It’s easier to design a shabby chic bedroom for little girls if you have already chosen a theme. However, you can choose to create a colorful princess or fairy tail room. So, you can try a piece of vintage furniture such as a wrought iron bed frame with cotton and lace textiles for linen and pillows. It’s a good option to choose a painted wardrobe with your girl’s favorite animated characters. This will help you organize her clothes. Her bedroom should have a workspace and an area where she can play. For her workspace, you can choose a small desk with a colorful desk chair. It’s important to teach her how to become organized, so you should place in her bedroom a bookcase for books and a closed storage for toys and art supplies.

The colors

The most interesting part of designing shabby chic bedrooms for little girls is that you can play with plenty of vibrant colors and paintings. You can use minty-green tones for walls and furniture if you want to bring spring into her room or you can opt for pink if you want to create a fairy tale room. Firstly, you should choose the theme and after you can incorporate the shabby chic style into your option. Keep in mind your girl’s desires. Maybe she likes the sea and the scallops. So you can use blue for the walls and cream for the decorations. If her desire is to become a princess, you can choose pink for everything. You can paint the walls and the ceiling in pink, you can buy pink furniture or repaint the old furniture in pink, and even the decorations can be pink.

The decorations

In a girl’s bedroom, the decorations are very important. From floor-to-ceiling, you should use plenty of decorations. The walls can be accessories with small vintage dolls or with your girl’s pictures. On the nightstand, she can have a colorful lamp with a diffuse light which will help her fall asleep. On the bed, you can put a bloom linen and plenty of colorful pillows. The most important items in a kid’s room, even if she is a girl or a boy are the toys. The toys are very colorful and they lead you into a dream world.

Shabby Chic Bedrooms for Little Girls