Getting married is one of the most important steps in someone’s life. But it is also an event which implies time and good organisation. However, there are fashion designers who say that in order to create the perfect party, it is highly important to take a look at the latest trends. However, here is a small guide with the most important of them.

Add ribbons everywhere

Do you love ribbons? If the answer is “yes”, you are completely right to do so. Ribbons are cute and also efficient. For example, you can start using them for the decorations that you put on your guests’ tables. Add colourful ribbons to each flowers bouquet.

What is more, there are wedding experts who say that ribbons are that “Je ne sais quo” ingredient that make a place look out of the ordinary. But this is not all. There is another great advantage for investing in ribbons: they are not expensive and you can order larger quantities. For example, there are some online shops which come with great offer.

Search for wedding ribbons UK and you can easily access them. After you order the right quantity, you can think about adding ribbons on your wedding cake. But, make sure it is decorated according to the autumn wedding thematic.

Do not forget about dry leaves, autumn flowers and pumpkin pie

If you ask people around you to tell which are the most common autumn symbols, they will probably start with dry leaves and autumn flowers and end with the delicious pumpkin pie. You can also add autumn flavoured candies and some wine and you will get one of the most amazing candy bars. But make sure you create something original. Check the trends, but do not copy them entirely. Avoid clichés and use your imagination for making your guests feel impressed.

Create an intimate autumn atmosphere with the help of candles

Candles have an amazing effect when it comes to making people enjoy an intimate atmosphere. If your wedding party is going to be in a rainy autumn day, candle may help your guest enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. If it does not rain, you can use fairy light. Ask your wedding guests to help you launch them at the midnight.

Last but not least, decorative lights may help you too. You can use them, if you plan to organise your wedding party in a garden. But, do not forget to add some blankets because it can be chilly outside.

Some autumn trends for weddings