A balcony is a perfect place where you can enjoy the summer evening with your friends . For someone who doesn’t have a garden, even a small balcony is the right place to create a cozy and relaxing atmosphere. So, if you are thinking about decorating your balcony you should keep in mind some tricks.

The furniture

You must know that the right furniture can turn your balcony into an oasis. There are plenty of options when choosing your furniture. You can opt for a nice sofa and some old chairs, or you can put a long bench with a table. If you have a small balcony and you don’t have space for a sofa, you can choose a coffee table with chairs. Nowadays, the vintage look is very trendy, and you can give your balcony a personal touch just by using some wooden pallets for creating the furniture. With some colorful pillows, your outdoor wooden pallets furniture will look great on your balcony. They are easy to craft and you don’t need special skills for building them. It’s recommended to build a wood floor. This will make your balcony appear larger and it is very practical. To design your small balcony in a retro style, you can use wrought iron furniture, such as tables, chairs, and even a bench.

The decorations

Even if the furniture is the focal point of your balcony, you must know that the decorations are also very important. You can design your balcony by using bright colors. Choose strong colors for your cushion and tablecloths. You can put a nice colorful rug on the floor and some curtains which will make your balcony appear larger. If you want to create your balcony in a Mediterranean style you should plant aromatic flowers in some colorful pots. Obviously, a tropical atmosphere is welcomed on your balcony, so you can decorate it with a bonsai tree or by using plants of different heights and sizes. You can be more creative and add a hammock in your balcony. Then you will feel completely relaxed and comfortable. Don’t forget to accessorize your small space with some lights. The solar powered LED lights are the perfect solutions for your balcony. You can also choose some small table lamps or a small chandelier if your balcony style is more sophisticated and elegant. For a romantic atmosphere, you can try some light spots which will create a diffuse light.

Tips for Decorating Small Balconies