Do you know which the latest wedding gift trend is? In case you do not know, you are in the right place, because in this article, we would share with you some amazing ideas. It does not matter if you organise your wedding in an exotic destination or in your local town, you should add a personal touch to the gifts. Moreover, who counts that hospitality kits are far more appreciated than mini-bar amenities, because guests would see them as a nice gesture, which could remember them of your wedding for a long time for now. Do not know what to put in the personalised wedding gift bags? Well you can be creative without crossing your budget, because there are countless options you can pick from.

Alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks

Drinks are everyone’s’ favourites especially at weddings, so you can add them in the gift boxes. And in case you do not know, drinks are the right gifts to set the celebratory tone for your event. According to your location, you can choose some local drinks, for example if you are organising your wedding in New England, you can put in the bags a microbrew, but if you are organising your wedding in Brooklyn, then you can put there a bottle of Cold Brew.

Something sweet for your guests

Every wedding gift should include something tasty for your guests. You can bring a personal touch by selecting your favourite candies, so place a larger order to your favourite store. In case you are a healthy diet addict, you can choose some vegan truffles, which come in amazing flavours of pumpkin chai, ginger green tea, blueberry almond or even lime basil. In addition, if you want to take the gifts to the next level, you can opt for black and white cookies.

Something salty for the after party

In case you do not consider suitable to offer so many sweets as presents, you can opt for something salty. Guests would always appreciate if you are offering them something salty to eat at the after party, because at that late hours, they would not want to eat sweets and chocolate. Take a look in stores, and you would find nut mixes, which are very popular these days, but in this case you have to be sure that your guests do not suffer from nut allergies. A sure choice would be potato chips, because they come in many gourmet flavours.

What can I put in my wedding gift bags